Imagine your own television show!

How It Works

  • The builder receives a custom produced, 30 minute show exclusively for their business.  We sell 10 minutes of commercials to your trade partners, thus creating the revenue for the entire show. Your Builders Television Network show will air for up to four consecutive weeks on a station in your local market as paid programming.


  • The team at Builders Television Network handles everything from sales to final production. We film and write all the commercials or they are provided by national manufacturers. We send a video crew to your city to create your in-depth profile. The footage we gather can include the builder's office, model homes, previously built homes, homes under construction, and client testimonials.


  • Your profile is edited by the professionals at Builders Television Network. Your input is always welcome throughout this process and the more personal photos and other footage you can provide will only help to personalize your show!


Now is the time to bring your marketing efforts to the next level by becoming the exclusive Builders Television Network Builder of Excellence in your community.

  • Your Builders Television Network Builder of Excellence show will increase your share of the marketplace by targeting thousands of potential clients in your local market.


  • You and each of your participating team members will have their own copy of their commercial for use on their website or in their showroom.


  • Your Realtor will have a showcase of your work to bring potential clients to you or your models.



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