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Builder Of Excellence Television show featuring

SixthDay Properties of Tulsa, OK.

Be a part of Builders Television Network's Builder of Excellence Television Show featuring SixthDay Properties of Tulsa!

SixthDay Properties, one of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s most prestigious builders, is honored to have been chosen a “Builder of Excellence” by the Builders Television Network.


The 30-minute program will feature the homes we build and showcase the products and services that you provide us in the construction of each home. The show will air up to four times in Tulsa as paid programming in our local market.


Tulsa is booming and business has been great for all of us. Our custom home sales have been strong and now, as many of you know, SixthDay Properties is developing CONCORD, the future site of 400 new homes!


As building homes is such a team effort, we’d like to feature your products and services in the show in the form of a commercial. Based on our relationship and volume of business we do with you, we know you’d like to support this endeavor to insure our mutual and continued success.


The commercial will showcase your company, products, workmanship, and service and also serve as a testament to your commitment to SixthDay Properties. The commercial is yours to use for your separate media and marketing efforts.


We will be selling commercials over the next six weeks. Sandy Barrett Brown of Builders Television Network will be contacting you to set up a day and time to discuss the importance of your commercial.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss your participation, Dave and I would be happy to speak with you, so please contact us.


We are counting on your support!


Jared Andersen & Dave Lawson



Sandy Barrett Brown

Sales Manager



Joan Minda

Executive Producer